Compressed air solutions for industrial applications. Vortex Tubes, Enclosure Coolers, Air Amplifiers, Nozzles, Ionizing Air Curtain and Air Gun, SmartVac.


Heating & Cooling
Vortex Tubes. Cold Air Guns. Cabinet Coolers.
• No Freon
• No Moving Parts
• No Maintenance
• Stainless Steel Construction
• UL Listed Cabinet Coolers
• Use for Dry Machining, Spot Cooling, Eliminating Coolants, Improving Tool Life and Electronic Cabinet Cooling

Blowoff Products
Air Nozzles. Air Amplifiers. Air Knives. Blow Guns. Sta-Put Hoses. Manifolds. High-Thrust Wedge Jets.
• Reduce Compressed Air Cost
• Increased Air Volume
• Reduce Noise
• Increase Compressor Life
• Wide Range of Products and Applications
• Meets OSHA Requirements
• Use for Drying, Cooling, Blow-Off and Cleaning

Static Elimination
Ionizing Bars. Ionizing Air Knives. Ionizing Air Gun. 6000V Power Supply.
• No Moving Parts
• No Maintenance
• Anodized Ionizing Bars
• Wide Range of Products
• UL Listed
• 20% More Ions
• Use for Printing, Electronic Assembly, Painting, Molded Parts, Vacuum • Forming and Photo Finishing
Vacuum & Conveying Systems
SpeedVac. SmartVac. Drum Devil. Drum Devil II. HopperVac. ConveyVac.
• No Electricity
• No Moving Parts
• Portable
• Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
• No Motors or Diaphrams to Wear Out or Break
• Quiet Operation
• High Vacuum Strength
• Use for Spill Pick-Up, Liquid Transfer, Cleaning, Pneumatic Lines and • Material Transfer


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